Camping Finland running on iPhone

The camping holiday guide in Finland. For iPhone.

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The origin story

Hi, I'm Tommi and I enjoy caravan travels. I created this app to make it easy to find where to stay next and where's the nearest caravan service or a shop if needed.

All the camping sites on a map are open to everyone. Touching any site shows when the site is open. The info button calculates a route from your location to the site and shows the distance and estimated travel time.

Experience turned into an app

I have learned from my travels that my holiday vehicle just does not always work as it should. The heater is not heating or the fridge is just not cold enough. Trying to google for help in that spot feels frustrating. I would just like to know the nearest place where to get help.

The app knows all the caravan and motorhome shops and a large collection of caravan services around Finland.

The app is like a safety net that helps you to get assistance where ever you are.


I have worked really hard to make sure that the information is accurate. Still there might be some errors. This sort of information is also in constant flux.

If you notice that something is wrong or you would like to send me a feedback the best way to reach me is to send me a tweet.

I wish you happy travels!