Bear watching in Kuusamo

If you visit Kuusamo area you have a unique possibility to participate in a bear watching trip. You spend the evening at a comfortable hut where you have a chance to take photographs. The nightless summer nights and a very high chance of seeing bears make the trip a unique experience.

Karhu-Kuusamo (Bear-Kuusamo LTD) organizes the trips. The price for a person per evening is 120 Euros. Kids pay half the price.

Camping sites near Kuusamo

There are several sites available within an hour drive from Kuusamo. Lomakeskus Himmerki and Oulanko are camping sites. Kylmäluoma Hossa is a camping site in a National Park. Vaara Sport Teerirannan leirintä and Lomamökit Paasovaara offer over-night stay service.


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